Meet the Cepheid Bike

Where Art Meets Innovation

Meet the Cepheid Bike: Where Art Meets Innovation

Learn about Cepheid

Cepheid is a leading molecular diagnostics company that is dedicated to improving healthcare by developing, manufacturing, and marketing accurate yet easy-to-use molecular systems and tests. The advantages over other technologies are accuracy, speed, and ease-of-use — quickly getting important information into the hands of healthcare professionals to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Our Technology

Cepheid's patented GeneXpert® Systems and cartridges use real-time PCR to target specific genetic sequences in the detection of infectious diseases, cancers, and more. The advantages over other technologies are ease-of-use, accuracy and speed of test results.

See an animated illustration of how our GeneXpert® test cartridges work:

Learn about our GeneXpert® Systems: