Meet the Cepheid Bike

Where Art Meets Innovation

Meet the Cepheid Bike: Where Art Meets Innovation

Collaborating with Paul Jr. Designs

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Cepheid was planning a major unveil of it's redesigned GeneXpert® Systems at a large industry tradeshow. To help make the unveiling the 'must-see' event of the show, and theme a subsequent roadshow, we reached out to Paul Jr. Designs to build an epic bike that was as cutting edge, innovative, yet elegant as our technology.

From the beginning, Cepheid Chief Executive Officer John Bishop knew what was called for in this collaboration of Art and Innovation: A sophisticated, modern bike that would capture the Cepheid brand and highlight our innovative technology. And for that, only one partnership made sense.

An Industry First

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The partnership between Paul Jr. Designs and Cepheid is a first in the medical diagnostic industry. At the unveiling event, Cepheid launched 5 new diagnostic systems — also an industry first.

One important part of this unique collaboration was in the promotion of the unveiling event. Read more about that by visiting Behind the Scenes.