Meet the Cepheid Bike

Where Art Meets Innovation

Meet the Cepheid Bike: Where Art Meets Innovation

The Unveiling


Cepheid's unveiling event, titled Art Meets Innovation, was an epic success. Taking place on July 26, 2011 at the AACC/ASCLS show in Atlanta, GA, the excitement was captured within industry publications like the Dark Daily. Drawing a massive crowd, the unveiling became the talk of the show, with a palpable buzz that lasted throughout the week. For those unable to witness the live unveiling, the bike was proudly displayed on a rotating platform for the hundreds more drawn to Cepheid's booth.

See photos from the unveiling:

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The Promotion

An important part of the Cepheid/PJD collaboration involved the promotion of the Art Meets Innovation unveiling event. Cepheid's Marketing Communications team had very specific ideas on how to promote the event: As a unique dual reveal, with both Paul Jr. and Cepheid CEO John Bishop featured prominently on all promotional materials, driving home the link between art and technology.

High quality execution meant an epic photo shoot with both John and Paul together, giving way to a plethora of banners, posters, mailers, ads, and web pages developed under insane deadlines that mirrored the production of the bike.

Access the gallery below to see some of the materials produced for this one-of-a-kind event.

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Did any Cepheid people see the bike or sketches/drawings before the unveiling?
No. The unveiling was the first time any Cepheid employee saw the bike.

What did Cepheid CEO John Bishop think of the bike?
As an experienced rider, John had high expectations for the bike. But if you've seen the show, it's clear that his expectations were far exceeded by the creativity and imagination of the team at Paul Jr. Designs.

Did Cepheid tell PJD what color to paint the bike or how to incorporate it's brand or products?
No. PJD had total creative freedom to make all design choices.

What will Cepheid do with the bike?
Cepheid has a 2011-2012 roadshow planned that will feature Cepheid's new GeneXpert Systems and the bike throughout the United States. Following the roadshow tour, Cepheid will make the bike a part of it's Customer Xperience center at its corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.